Portrait Artist

Derwent Ambassador.

Daniel Martirossian is a passionate user of all forms of dry media. He particularly enjoy’s working in pencil and charcoal.

In 2021, Derwent invited Daniel to be a Derwent Artist Ambassador.

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Derwent Pencils.

Daniel has been using Derwent Pencils for many years for both small and large-scale bespoke portraits. They are the perfect tool for his photorealistic technique, where he layers a range of light and dark tones and build texture.

The Derwent Pencils Daniel uses include:

  • Tinted Charcoal Pencils
  • Graphic Pencils

These are ideal for highlighting critical details in Daniel’s portraits, particularly the eyes and face. He finds them very effective for adding definition to intricate parts, both for smaller and larger-scale pieces.

Derwent Charcoals.

In Daniel’s opinion, the XL Blocks are the perfect medium to work with as they are very effective for covering the surface area and blending light and dark tones.

He often uses textured paper, which creates a resistance that makes it even easier to use them. Some of his current work also involves creating a complementary, small-scale panel drawing displayed underneath a larger-scale piece. Even on this reduced scale, the XL Blocks help create blurry images as well as detailed close-ups of individual features.

Daniel was thrilled to have his work accepted for a second year in a row for the Pastel Society exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.

The Derwent Charcoals Daniel uses include:

  • XL Charcoal Blocks

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